Kelantan’s World Famous Wat Uttamaram Temple (Bang Saeh)
And The Infamous Shut Eyed Buddha From Luangpor Khron (Tok Raja)


Tok- Grandfather in Malay
Raja- King in Malay
Luangpor = Venerable
Phra- Buddha in Thai
Pit- Close in Thai
Tah- Eye in Thai
Wat- Temple in Thai


Tok Raja aka Khron Rachanaren or Luangpor Khron once reigned from the infamous Wat Uttamaram (Bang Saeh) temple more than 45 years ago in Kampong Teresek,Repek, Pasir Mas in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. The temple still stands in awe glorified with all the traditional architecture which is uniquely Thai.

Tok Raja was made famous and considered by many as the king of the Phra Pit Tah (Shut Eyed Buddha) amulet. This particular amulet shows a 3D Buddha with its eyes shut by its two hands. It is always better to acquire a properly blessed and authentic amulet directly made by the Guru himself, this not only assures it’s authenticity but also guarantees that powerful mantras are being infused into the amulets to give it protective properties.

Tok Raja’s Phra Pit Tah amulets were made from many special formula including holy powder, latex from certain trees and special wood. He would choose different materials for different purposes in making his amulet. Some of his amulets had his own hand written Yantra on the front and at the back; these amulets are extremely sought after as it is believed to be very special and powerful.

Tok Raja would lay his amulets lying flat on its back and would do mantras till his Pit Tah’s stand in an upright position; this would then be considered blessed and ready to be used. Many stories have been told about the efficacies of the Phra Pit Tah Amulet from Tok Raja, one story was when Tok Raja decided to take a taxi from his temple to another town which was a hideout for bandits, and no one had dared go to that dreaded place for fear of being killed. So when Tok Raja hailed a taxi and told him his destination, he was turned down by the driver, Tok told the driver that with him around he has nothing to fear and the driver reluctantly took Tok in his car.

Upon reaching the destination a group of bandits with guns ambushed and started shooting at the car, Tok then took his robe and covered the driver. Seeing nothing happening to the two, the bandits sped off for fear of the strange phenomenon they had just witnessed. Another story was about a guy quarreling and fighting while wearing a Tok Raja Phra Pit Tah, a gun was used to shoot him, nothing happened to him and when he got bolder and started to think he was invincible and attacked the other party; he was again shot but unfortunately this time round he died of the wound.

While in hospital doctors however found that the shot was actually diverted from a direct shot and missed the essential organs but because he was bleeding too profusely he died later in hospital. If he weren’t so arrogant, his life would probably be spared. Another incident was an account told to me personally by a friend who bought a Tok Raja Pit Tah from me. There was a road block at the front, he was very certain that he would be summoned because he had a few friends in his car that went for casual drinking and was fetching them home. When he stopped at the road block he quickly asked Phra Pit Tah for help and that he would be spared the fine, miraculously the police just looked at him and waved for him to move on. He was relieved and took the highway; as he picked up speed he was already over the limits allowed, a traffic police signaled him and rode beside him, again he asked Phra Pit Tah to help him, stranger than it seemed the traffic police just told him to slow down and not drive so fast, he was let off twice in a day within 15 minutes of each event which took place that same night.

Now that is something to fathom about or was it just plain luck or the magical amulet working? As with every novelty and rare items, authentic Tok Raja’s amulets are extremely difficult to come by and are very expensive to own, even the original temple itself has no amulets directly made by Tok Raja these days as they have all been taken up by private collectors a long time ago. Because it is in such high demand fakes are sold to people unfamiliar with the real thing. The Phra Pit Tah Amulet by Tok Raja contains super protective powers and charismatic properties; it is a very potent item for protecting one from black magic and unforeseen disaster. It also helps one in attaining their goals and heighten ones premonition.


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